Visiting Unami for the First Time?

If you've never attended a Meeting for Worship, we hope you will come worship with us -- give it a try.   

Many have found help in viewing the "introductory" videos (below) to answer questions that might arise in expectation of a Quaker Meeting for Worship.   

Here's what to expect

What do we do in silent worship?

We come together in silence:
To listen to the Spirit
To grow in our faith
To support each other
To help one another follow the Light within.

Our time together looks like:

Sitting quietly together, adults and children
Speaking as moved by the Spirit
Shaking hands when worship ends and greeting those around us



Quaker worship is based on silent waiting, where we expect to come into the presence of the Divine. In this living silence, we listen for the still, small voice that comes from the Divine through the Inward Light.

The essential experience of Friends is that of a direct, unmediated relationship with the Divine. Friends have used many terms or phrases to refer to the inner certainty of our faith: the Light Within, the Inner Light, and that of God in every person.

On Speaking in Friends Meeting for Worship:

  • Allow yourself time to settle into silence.
  • Refrain from preparing messages in advance. A message should come from the Spirit.
  • If a message comes to you, consider whether it is for you alone or to be shared with others.
  • Before you offer vocal ministry, allow time to elapse for a previous message to speak to the Light in others.
  • Speak briefly and from your personal spiritual experience.
  • Speak only once.
  • When you speak, speak so that all can hear you.
  • Be careful about speaking in reply to another's message. Forums and discussions can happen elsewhere. However, themes sometimes do emerge in Meeting for Worship.

Most Quaker meetings, at least in this part of country, are so-called "unprogrammed" meetings.
This means that our meetings for worship are not led by a minister, but are largely conducted in silence.  Typically, a Clerk or other Member of the Meeting will close worship with a simple "Good morning friends" but otherwise the meeting may be completely silent. 

Videos for Newcomers


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